/Posted by: web193
In 2018 I worked on the game "Useless Cowboy". Basically, it's an endless runner with a twist in the mechanics. Again, this is an author's game. From the music to the game design to...

On Rusty Trails

Gameconcept-Gamedesign-Leveldesign-3d Art

/Posted by: web193
ON RUSTY TRAILS is a 2.5d platforming game developed for PC,MAC & LINUX and will be out on console soon. I was responsible for concept & gamedesign, did the levels and wrote the story. I...

Blown Away

Concept - Game & Leveldesign - 2d Art

/Posted by: web193
BLOWN AWAY is a mobile game with a strong focus on intuitive gameplay. The player teleports through the stages by simple tapping to avoid obstacles and deadly traps.  The game was released for iOs...
/Posted by: web193
iOs Game which was later also transferred to other Platforms. It is based on the two characters LOVE and HATE which I created during my animaton studies. It was shown on several gamefestivals and...

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